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Raising Awareness about Morgellons Disease

Our goal is to raise awareness about Morgellons Disease and provide support for those dealing with its challenging symptoms. Through unified advocacy and education, we can make strides in bringing about positive change and inspiring hope for those affected by Morgellons Disease.

We are dedicated to offering emotional support to those suffering from Morgellons and their loved ones. We believe that by providing a supportive community, we can help alleviate some of the burden of this disease and empower those affected to navigate their journey towards healing.

Emotional Support Group

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This support group seeks to offer a safe and comforting space for those affected by Morgellons and their loved ones. Each session will be held bi-weekly and last for one hour. To facilitate discussion, the group will start with a relevant topic for the participants to engage in. While participation is not mandatory, it is important for all members to maintain a respectful and empathetic attitude towards each other. Whether you choose to share your experiences or simply listen, this group strives to provide a supportive environment for all.

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One of the most challenging aspects of living with Morgellons is the lack of recognition and understanding from loved ones, friends, and even medical professionals. This often leads to feelings of isolation and helplessness for those who are affected by the condition. Recognizing Morgellons as a legitimate disease would bring hope and support to those struggling with it and help alleviate their suffering, even if a cure has not yet been found.
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