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One Day No One Will Suffer Alone From Morgellons

We demand that the government, scientific community and medical community recognize Morgellons disease as a biological infectious disease.   We will provide emotional support to people who suffer from Morgellons and their families.  ​ We will work to raise public awareness of Morgellons disease.  ​ We will fight for the human and patient rights of all Morgellons sufferers. 

Our mission is to advocate for the recognition of Morgellons disease as a biological infectious condition by the government, medical, and scientific communities. We believe that this recognition is crucial in order to provide sufferers with the necessary support, resources, and improved understanding and treatment. By demanding recognition, we aim to bring attention to this issue and ensure that those affected receive the care they deserve.


Our focus is also on offering emotional support to individuals with Morgellons and their families. We understand the challenges that this disease can pose and believe that emotional support can play a crucial role in helping them cope. Our goal is to create a supportive community where sufferers and their loved ones can find comfort, understanding, and encouragement, and to ensure that no one has to face Morgellons alone.


We also strive to increase public awareness about Morgellons disease. We believe that a better understanding of the condition and its effects will result in greater support for sufferers and a more focused effort towards finding a cure. Our objective is to educate the public about Morgellons and its impact, and to raise awareness about the need for more research and resources to support those affected by the disease. By increasing public awareness, we hope to bring attention to this issue and generate a larger response from the medical community, government, and society as a whole.


Finally, our mission includes fighting for the human and patient rights of all those suffering from Morgellons. We believe that sufferers of Morgellons should be treated with dignity, respect, and have access to the resources and support necessary for their well-being. Our goal is to advocate for the rights of Morgellons sufferers and ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met. Through our efforts, we aim to improve the lives of those affected by Morgellons and ensure that they receive the compassion and care they deserve.

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