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Dear Mr. President

Today, I must inform you of an extremely urgent public healthcare emergency currently being improperly managed by our healthcare authorities throughout the United States of America and worldwide. I appreciate you reading this important letter and anticipate your response regarding the emergency action required to address this uncontrolled crisis.

Morgellons disease is a severe and life-disrupting skin disease with no cure. This debilitating disease causes microscopic fibers to grow from the skin resulting in disturbing sensations of crawling, stinging, biting, and sores and lesions that don't heal.

Morgellons disease has not been recognized as a true physical disease by the CDC or medical professionals. Despite so many patients suffering from this disease, we have been turned away from proper medical treatment, and instead, we are dismissed and misdiagnosed with delusional parasitosis. The CDC has testified that Morgellons Disease is similar to a psychiatric disorder with no evidence of infectious disease, despite nearly two decades of scientific evidence to the contrary.

In accordance with all available scientific literature, the physical symptoms of this disease are very real, they are multisystemic and progressive. There is no evidence to support that a delusional psychiatric disorder is the cause of this skin disorder.

In actual fact, it appears that the CDC is improperly handling its obligation to control and prevent the infection and spread of this very serious infectious disease.

We, the good taxpaying citizens of America, believe we deserve an explanation for this and have a right to know why this is happening.

The following link provides you with a list of 16 peer-reviewed scientific studies all validating Morgellons disease as a true physical disease and not a psychiatric disorder. These studies can all be found listed here at the world's largest Morgellons disease foundation, the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation: Please consider most prominently the study entitled: "Morgellons disease: a filamentous borrelial dermatitis":

It is incomprehensible to have valid treatments for such diseases like delusional disorders, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, which don't always have physical manifestations, meanwhile to categorize Morgellons disease as a shared delusion by hundreds of thousands of patients who have physical symptoms such as fibers seen beneath unbroken skin.

Until this time, we have witnessed years of outstanding accomplishments made by the CDC, especially regarding unknown diseases. In this regard, we ask that you personally intervene in this urgent matter so that the CDC will reconsider their improper position on Morgellons disease and to take it seriously in accordance with the peer-reviewed studies.

We look forward to the CDC conducting thorough research on Morgellons disease as soon as possible in the name validating Morgellons disease, providing treatment, and ultimately discovering the cure. These responsible actions will protect the American public who so proudly elected you to serve.


Managing Morgellons Action Committee

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