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To the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada: 

On this day of April 26th, 2022, I write to you with great concern about the uncontrolled Morgellons disease epidemic in Canada. By way of introduction, I am a fellow proud Canadian, spokesperson and advocate for Morgellons disease. 


Each time I have written you and requested that you attend to this urgent epidemic, your administration has forwarded my correspondence to the attention of the Minister of Health of Canada. First, it was the Honourable Patricia Hajdu, and then it was the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos. Unfortunately, neither of them have ever followed up on the matter and have provided no response to my ongoing follow up communications. It is for this concerning reason that I continue to attempt to reach you directly. 


With all due respect, please allow me to remind you of how serious this epidemic is with the following top ten list of facts:

  1. Morgellons disease is a debilitating multi-system illness characterized by coloured keratin/collagen fibers which grow from human skin, as well as painful disfiguring treatment-resistant skin lesions.

  2. Patients describe this disease as torture due to the unrelenting skin crawling sensations caused by the growing fibers.

  3. Skin fibers can be seen embedded in human skin tissue with a hand-held microscope of 20 times magnification or greater.

  4. Patients who seek medical attention receive no proper examination and are told their problems are psychiatric and not physical, and are drugged with antipsychotics.

  5. Misdiagnosis and improper treatment causes the disease to get worse which leads to the 800 times higher rate of suicide compared to the general population.

  6. Recent studies reveal groundbreaking DNA research linking Morgellons disease to the spirochete bacteria, Borrelia, thus supporting an infectious etiology for this disease and not psychiatric.

  7. Borrelia causes Lyme disease which requires early diagnosis and antibiotic treatment, otherwise it leads to serious complications, therefore the same model applies to Morgellons disease.

  8. Public Health Agency of Canada FOIA documents demonstrate a reliance on the flawed 2012 US CDC Morgellons disease study which concluded psychiatric treatment for delusional infestation and no more research.

  9. The 2012 US CDC Morgellons disease study was flawed because out of the 12 patients who had fiber samples collected, none of them actually had Morgellons disease.

  10. Since Canadian health care authorities have not taken the necessary measures to properly control the Morgellons disease epidemic and to validate it as an infectious disease, an intervention by the Prime Minister is imperative.

* References below


From my perspective, it appears as though the only obstacle preventing Morgellons disease from being officially validated as a true infectious disease is the Minister of Health of Canada. As soon as the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos considers the scientific evidence and confirms that keratin/collagen fibers do in fact grow from Borrelia infected skin, Morgellons disease will never be seen as a psychiatric disorder again in Canada. Patients will be treated with respect and provided proper examination, testing, diagnosis and treatment.


Please intervene as immediately as possible to prevent further unnecessary suicides by Morgellons disease patients and have the Minister of Health of Canada review the science, and validate Morgellons disease.


Thank you for your attention on this urgent nationwide public health care emergency. I look forward to your response to today's correspondence.


Very sincerely,

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