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To Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Rochelle P. Walensky, and Acting Chief Operating Officer at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Dia Taylor:

To Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Rochelle P. Walensky, and Acting Chief Operating Officer at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Dia Taylor:


The purpose of today's urgent correspondence is to notify you that your immediate action is required related to an extremely serious uncontrolled public healthcare emergency known as Morgellons disease.


We represent, a new international Morgellons disease advocacy group. We are two of the foremost leading Morgellons disease spokespersons in North America whereby it is our determination to defend the human rights of all Morgellons disease patients by inciting healthcare authorities to recognize and validate Morgellons disease as a true infectious disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in particular.


To emphasize the urgency of this matter, please note that you have now been provided with a special preliminary report on Morgellons disease, which consists of over 160-pages of documentation validating Morgellons disease as a true infectious disease. This is a copy of an official custom-made Morgellons disease report already in the hands of a prominent Infectious Disease Specialist, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Federal Minister of Health of Canada.


To emphasize the urgency of this matter, for the past 20 years since Morgellons disease first got its name, it has not been recognized as a true physical disease by the CDC or by the medical professional community at large. Despite over a conservatively estimated one million patients who suffer from this easy-to-diagnose disease, we have all been discriminated against and outrightly denied proper medical attention. Tragically, patients suffering from this infectious disease are dismissed and misdiagnosed with a psychiatric disorder known as delusional parasitosis. As a result of the suffering and mistreatment, the suicide rate of Morgellons disease patients is reported by a leading specialist to be 800 x higher than the general population.


In actual fact, Morgellons disease is a severe and life-disrupting multisystem disease known primarily by its extraordinary and unusual skin problems for which there is no known cure. Among other symptoms, this debilitating disease causes microscopic colored fibers to grow from infected skin cells resulting in disturbing sensations of crawling, stinging, biting, and long-lasting treatment-resistant skin lesions.


With our submission today, we are here to notify you that the very reason why Morgellons disease patients are being improperly treated and misdiagnosed with a delusional infestation is due to the official CDC study on Morgellons disease published in 2012. This fact makes it all the more necessary that you become personally involved. You can find the CDC study at this link here: As you will note in the CSC study conclusion:


"(Morgellons disease is) ...similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation."


The result of this 2012 CDC Morgellons disease study is that all patients who seek urgent medical attention are misdiagnosed and treated with antipsychotic drugs. All patients effectively experience this mistreatment as human rights abuse. The position of the CDC causes enormous suffering to all patients, allowing the underlying untreated infectious disease process to spread and worsen over time. After 20 years of uncontrolled spread of Morgellons disease worldwide, we are bringing this matter to your attention with great urgency and requiring that you and your administration investigate this matter immediately.


While the included report unequivocally proves Morgellons disease is a real infectious disease; we take this opportunity to provide you with a link to a list of 16 peer-reviewed scientific studies which collectively validate this disease as a true physical disease and not a psychiatric disorder. These studies can all be found listed here at the world's largest Morgellons disease foundation, the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation: Please pay close attention to the study entitled: "Morgellons disease: a filamentous borrelial dermatitis":


Until this time, we have witnessed years of outstanding accomplishments by the CDC, especially regarding unknown diseases. In this regard, we ask that you intervene in this urgent matter so that the CDC will reconsider the improper position they have taken in the past regarding Morgellons disease and to properly act in accordance with the peer-reviewed scientific studies and the report provided to you today.


Based upon this information submitted to you, we look forward to the CDC taking immediate emergency action, conducting thorough research on Morgellons disease, retracting the 2012 CDC Morgellons study, and educating healthcare professionals and the public alike. Furthermore, and of the utmost importance, for the purpose of preventing further unnecessary suicides of Morgellons disease patients, we look forward to proper CDC diagnostic and treatment protocols, and ultimately the discovery of a cure. Such a response will protect the American public and those worldwide who are vulnerable to becoming infected with this terrible disease.


I appreciate your attention to this urgent public health matter. We look forward to your most immediate response.


Please be assured that we will be following up with you and your administration once every two weeks until meaningful communication has taken place and that public safety is protected.


With great urgency,

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